Gio Osso is the chef and owner of Virtù Honest Craft, which was named one of America’s “Best New Restaurants” by Esquire in 2013.

FW: What style is your cuisine?
GO: Wandering Mediterranean with dishes rooted in my Mediterranean heritage, accented with a few Asian or South American touches here and there.

FW: What are your favourite dishes?
GO: As the menu changes daily, I have a lot of dishes that I love, but my absolute favourite is the smoked duck. When the skin gets really crispy it tastes like bacon!

FW: What is your perfect day?
GO: Relaxing on a quiet beach somewhere – maybe Fiji!

FW: Why do you choose to serve FIJI Water?
GO: When my partners and I named our restaurant, we loved the name Virtu, because it is the Machiavellian term for achieving excellence. We strive not only to be at the top of our game in what we do every day, but also look to partner with those who are at the top of their respective industries. FIJI represents quality not only in its products but in its partnerships and charity involvement, as well.